Making short work of Big Data

Providing excellence in what we do, unlocking the value in data and making it accessible in a meaningful way to our clients

Who we are

We like data and love algorithms.

Metaxis is a software development company based in the UK specialising in content management solutions and workflow control software. Our solutions support digital collaborative working environments where multiple users, regardless of their global location, can access and interact with high quality, relevant data and information in a meaningful and productive way.

Any organisation that is a knowledge provider that relies on the gathering of large amounts of evidence-based data can rely on us to provide the tools to gather, collate and make all that information accessible in a systematic way.

What we do

Metaxis provides bespoke development of websites, server and desktop applications using Java, PHP, Javascript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3 and SQL on Microsoft SQLServer and MySQL. Our development solutions scale from database-driven websites to large bespoke content management systems.
Our development ethos is dynamic, rooted in best practice Agile methodology we adapt to and iterate with our clients’ needs quickly. Being able to respond rapidly, in a disciplined manner, ensures high quality software solutions that are totally aligned to our customers’ demands.
Our software design principles – rapid behaviour-driven development, high performance, close client collaboration and ease of use – are the bedrock of what we do.

What we offer

We believe that fostering a partnership with you, working in collaboration and taking the time to understand your detailed requirements is fundamental.

This approach and the strength of our technical experience forms the heart of our business ethos.

We want you to be successful, and the longevity of our working partnerships is testament of our commitment.

Who we work for

Metaxis works for providers of knowledge that rely on the gathering of large amounts of evidence-based data from disparate and diverse sources. Our bespoke solutions gather, collate and make all information accessible improving the speed and management of search, discovery and the curation of data. 

Our clients range in size from SMEs to global organisations enabling access to high-quality, relevant data, systematic reviews and synthesized research evidence. Typically our clients are looking for technical solutions that able global evidence-informed decision making. 

Working partnerships

Metaxis focuses on working closely with all clients to meet their objectives and requirements and we are proud to use our technical skills in providing solutions for better outcomes to global health evidence-based decision making.

Here are some of those projects:

Trusted Evidence – Informed Decisions – Better Health
Metaxis develop a range of solutions for Cochrane that support their vision of global evidence-informed health decisions.
  • Cochrane Crowd - Citizen science platform – collaborative volunteer effort. Read more...
  • Cochrane Classmate - An innovative online interactive trainer’s toolkit. Read more...
  • Cochrane CRS - Management tool for storing, maintaining & developing Specialised Registers. Read more...
  • Cochrane CRS-D - Linking everything together - a database of all Cochrane studies and references. Read more...

Malaria in Pregnancy Consortium
Metaxis data solutions have enabled collaboration of life-saving research that benefits 50 million women globally at risk of malaria in pregnancy. Read more...
International Prospective Register of Systematic Reviews
Metaxis software development has helped Prospero to increase the value of and reduce the waste of finite resources in biomedical research. Read more...
Global Resource for Eczema Trials
Metaxis system design has facilitated the identification of research and shortened the length of eczema trials around the world. Read more...
Centre for Reviews and Dissemination
Metaxis worked closely with the CRD which provides DARE and NHS EED – quality assessed systematic reviews of health & social care interventions. Read more...
Repository of bibliographic details of studies reporting on health state utility values (HSUVs)
Metaxis developed an innovative database improving access to health utilities evidence including generic, preference-based measures and names of all instruments used. Read more...

Job vacancies

We are always interested in hearing from talented people who could help us to grow the business.
If your skills are in big data and software development then please get in touch.
We carry out a thorough recruitment process starting with a telephone interview and then invite you to our offices to meet the team and get a feel for how we work.
How to apply: Send applications to:
Please note: We do not accept CVs or phone calls from recruitment agencies.
Metaxis is an Equal Opportunities Employer and welcomes applications regardless of colour, race, religion, nationality, ethnic or national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status or disability.