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Malaria in Pregnancy Library

How to enable the collaboration of life-saving research that benefits

50 million women globally at risk of malaria in pregnancy


The Malaria in Pregnancy Consortium mission is to improve the control of malaria in pregnancy in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Each year up to 125 million pregnancies occur in malaria-endemic countries. Infection with malaria in pregnancy can result in pregnancy loss, maternal death, severe maternal anaemia and low infant birth weight which greatly increases the risk of death. As many as 100,000 children die needlessly every year and more than 25,000 maternal deaths could be prevented by improved control of malaria.

Led by the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, this research consortium was established with an initial grant of $30 million from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and supported by the European Union ("EU") and The European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership ("EDCTP"). The six-year programme will directly benefit the 50 million women globally who face exposure to malaria whilst pregnant every year.


Overall objectives of the Malaria in Pregnancy Consortium

To promote a new momentum of life-saving research conducted in 41 expert institutions spread across 29 countries which will provide evidence-based policy changes in the shortest possible time. The Malaria in Pregnancy Library MiP Library was conceived, by the MiP

Consortium, to provide the resource centre that would improve the identification and evaluation of new ways to prevent and treat malaria in pregnancy and to improve the evidence-base for its control.

The role of Metaxis

To create the Malaria in Pregnancy Library, a unique online repository, containing articles and other online sources of peer-reviewed research articles, non-indexed articles, reports and other material with information on malaria in pregnancy.

The depth of data would create a global scholarly source for literature and systematic reviews. The diversity of content includes published and unpublished literature from 1850 to the present day and covers journal articles, books, reports, PhD theses, governmental policy documents, ongoing clinical trials, PhDs, aborted research and any other unconventional unpublished literature on malaria in pregnancy.

To provide reliable data to all stakeholders and support them in their endeavours to speed up the process of finding new ways of preventing and treating malaria in pregnancy.

Key features:

  • Comprehensive, easy to use, web-based bibliographic database – global scholarly resource on malaria in pregnancy
  • Maximised data integrity and sophisticated search interface
  • Minimised data redundancy
  • Reliable data-deduplication

Key benefits:

  • National and global research capacity plus network of excellence
  • Quicker implementation of prevention and treatment for malaria in pregnancy
  • Comprehensive and standardised approach to research
  • Enhanced communication and sharing of information leading to improved national malaria and reproductive health programmes

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